Oct 11

Distilled Intelligence 1.0 Wrap-Up

Distilled Intelligence 1.0 was a great success yesterday.  Not necessarily for InStat Sports, but a lot of great companies received great prizes.  The top prize of $15,000 went to Marz Industries, a company in the green space whose first product is a truck engine that reduces fuel consumption using hydrogen.  Second prize went to the company I thought would win, TroopSwap, basically an online discount portal for the military.  Both companies were well-deserving of their awards.  My personal favorite was a company called GeoStellar.  They have mapped out the exact solar output of every parcel of land on earth, combined it with energy pricing data, credit scores, and other historical data, and sells it to various outlets.  There is no way that company doesn’t start printing their own money soon.

InStat Sports received great feedback from the crowd, including some investors who expressed interest.  I truly enjoyed the event and although we did not win, I still consider it a huge success.

Thanks again to everyone at Fortify.VC for putting on such an amazing event.

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