Feb 12

Super Bowl XLVI brings record traffic to InStat Sports

Super Bowl XLVI is in the books and the New York Giants are champions.  While the Patriots and Giants were battling it out on the field, InStat Sports was setting a record.  Our traffic peaked around the 3rd quarter yesterday, and overall, we experienced an 800% jump in traffic.  You read that right, 800%!  During the previous rounds of the 2011 NFL playoffs, InStat Sports experienced significant jumps in traffic, but nothing like what we saw during Super Bowl XLVI.

All of us at InStat Sports would like to say Thank You to our fans, supporters, and everyone who visited and continues to visit (we are still experiencing awesome traffic!).  Having a day like yesterday makes it easier for all of us to continue working hard every single day to bring you, the fans, Answers to Sports Questions.

Next up for InStat Sports is a mobile app.  Be sure to sign up, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter today to stay in the loop on everything InStat Sports.

In closing, this Giants fan would like to say,


Ok. Now I’m done 🙂

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