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Last week I attended a few events during the Ford and AT&T sponsored DC Week, also known as Digital Capital Week.  It’s a collection of events, people, and ideas, and it was all a lot of fun.  I was unable to attend as many events as I would have liked, but the ones I did attend were informative and helpful.  My recommendation to future attendees would be to only attend events you are sure you are interested in, and read descriptions carefully.  I ended up at a few events that did not cover exactly what I was hoping for, but all in all it was a good experience.

I even tried to host my own event, called “Geeks Love Sports and Beer: Ultimate Sports Trivia.”  However, the event was not as successful as planned.  It was mostly due to mistakes on my part, but that’s ok, because as a first-time founder, making mistakes is what its all about.  I learned some valuable lessons and met some cool people (Thank you to Touchdown Sports Bar in DC for hosting), and now I am ready to go for it again.

At my next event, which will be promoted right here and over on the main site, will include great prizes, drink specials, free food, and maybe even an appearance by local athletes.  After all, it doesn’t look like the NBA is going to be playing  any games any time soon.